Wealth Management

At Torevell & Partners we are committed to meeting the needs of wealthy clients and those aspiring to become wealthier. Our aim is to help clients manage their wealth in order to achieve their personal objectives and goals.

We pride ourselves on providing a superior level of service to clients. We will take time to explore your goals and objectives so that we can develop a portfolio that fits your investment requirements for income, capital growth or sensitivity to market movements. We strongly believe that every client is unique and our independent status means that we are able to deliver bespoke advice and solutions to meet their needs.

We are also immensely proud of our investment track record and the fact that the majority of our clients have been referred to us by existing clients or professional partners. We inspire confidence time after time: in fact we have a number of Advisers who are working with the great-grandchildren of original clients.

Torevell & Partners offers a wide range of financial advice. All of our advice is explained in writing as we believe that it is important for our clients to understand our advice and the investments we recommend to them. Our written recommendations include details of any costs or charges that apply, including our agreed remuneration.

Our investment portfolios are managed on an active advisory basis using a small number of carefully selected fund managers. Any changes are explained to you before being carried out so that you have a clear understanding of the investment strategy being implemented.

Key areas of our Wealth Management service include:

  • Investment management
  • Retirement planning
  • Transfer of wealth between generations.

There are a number of key steps to this process:

  1. Understanding your needs
  2. Building an appropriate investment portfolio
  3. Managing performance and making changes.

It is important that any investments made are consistent with your objectives and attitude to risk. By taking the time to understand your needs we can create a portfolio that fits your investment timescales for income, capital growth or sensitivity to market movements.

By monitoring the portfolio and keeping in regular contact we can ensure your portfolio evolves to suit changing investment conditions and your personal circumstances.