Z-Arts – a year on

It has been nearly a year since we first donated funds to Z-Arts, to establish a library for children in the local community. We are thrilled to share an exciting update on the progress and achievements of this initiative. The library has become a thriving hub for families, fostering a love for reading and providing invaluable resources for young minds.


The library has been a great success so far, with 670 parents and carers bringing their babies and toddlers to participate in pre-school activities. These activities provide valuable early learning experiences, stimulating young minds and creating a strong foundation for future literacy skills.

Z Arts is dedicated to continually enhancing the library experience for its members. In May, they launched a children’s book club, providing an avenue for young readers to come together and explore books. Looking ahead, Z Arts have exciting plans to host monthly events featuring local authors. These events will offer children and families the opportunity to connect with talented writers, sparking creativity and imagination. Additionally, Z Arts hopes to initiate a children and family library volunteer scheme, encouraging community involvement and instilling a sense of pride and ownership in library users.


The library’s impact can be seen in the growing number of members and the significant loan activity. Since October 2022, they have welcomed 171 new members, an indication of the community’s enthusiasm for the services it offers. These members have collectively borrowed over 1,500 books!

Due to the success of the library, there was a requirement for more books and we are delighted to announce we have made a further donation to Z-Arts to enable the purchase of 500 new books. This contribution will further enhance the library’s offerings, ensuring a diverse and engaging collection that caters to the interests and needs of young readers in the local community.