Investment Expertise

We construct client portfolios on an individual, bespoke basis and all of our clients’ wealth management needs are assessed on several factors including:

  1. Cash position
  2. Income requirements
  3. Attitude to short-term investment volatility
  4. Other assets, such as property, other investments or potential inheritances
  5. Age & expected duration of investments
  6. Other client specific factors

Active Advisory Investment Management

At Torevell & Partners we provide investment advice on an active advisory basis. This puts you in control of the investment process as it ensures that our recommendations are fully discussed and agreed with you before actions are taken.

We believe this discipline gives our clients far greater control and understanding of key investment decisions than discretionary portfolio management.


In our experience no one fund manager or group is strong in every market or asset class.

As independent advisers we are free to select investments from a full range of those available. We believe that this gives our clients a more objective and balanced portfolio than simply investing their funds with a single investment group or stockbroker.

Investment Research

We believe that a key strength of Torevell & Partners is its investment research capability. We employ a team of individuals whose specific role is to analyse the performance of funds and to understand the macro and micro economic environment that might impact on performance.

In addition to desk research using the latest technology and research platforms, a great deal of time is spent meeting the respective Fund Manager teams. Torevell & Partners is in the privileged position of being able to hold private meetings with senior fund managers. This is by virtue of the funds we have under management and it allows us to keep informed and up to date about the positioning of the fund.