Family Office

Certain clients require services beyond the scope of financial advice. Clients with substantial wealth often have a number of Trusts, properties and other investments which need to be administered and managed across a number of generations.

Our aim is to reduce the administrative burden allowing our clients and their families to enjoy their wealth.

Investment Management

Torevell & Partners offers active Advisory investment management.

In addition to our in house investment services we recognise that some clients will prefer to spread their investments between two or three investment managers. In these circumstances we retain the ability to monitor, analyse and report on the performance on the underlying investment performance.

Accounting and Legal Services

We do not act as expert legal or accountancy advisers but work with specialists in these fields to ensure that any investments and income are managed as efficiently and tax effectively as possible.

In many cases the nature of these clients will require more extensive involvement with, and the creation of, bespoke Trusts to protect the family’s wealth for future generations. In certain circumstances we may also call upon specialists dealing with succession planning for wealthy families with family businesses.

Concierge services

We have the facility to arrange a wide range of services for clients, including private travel arrangements, or access to specific events.

Arts, Education and Philanthropy

Through our existing contacts we can introduce clients to specialists in a wide range of areas including advice on collecting art, education, and the armed forces. For clients interested in creating charitable trusts we can also introduce specialists in this area.