Review of the 14th annual Dewhurst Torevell prize for musical presentation

May 15th, 2011, by Phil Bennett

Chetham’s school is a very special establishment in the centre of Manchester which ranks very highly in the world of music schools. Few people are aware of the existence of ‘Chet’s’: just yards from Victoria station. Even fewer are aware of its ancient buildings centred around a medieval Baronial Hall.

We are delighted to have been associated with the school for many years and in particular we have been proud sponsors of our very own annual music competition. The competition has a special twist in that performers have to not only play to the best of their ability but also present the pieces beforehand. This is not just to ensure `shiny shoes’ but more importantly, to develop confidence in speaking to an audience.

This year’s competition took place in the Baronial Hall  on 12th May and to our continuing disbelief the standard of presentation and playing has managed to remain as good, if not better than, previous years. A flavour of the event can be gained from the programme and pictures shown here;  [insert pdf documents]


The judging proved exceptionally difficult this year and for the first time ever in the history of the competition we had a four way tie. Presenting the prizes to all the winners our Chairman, Alan Torevell, expressed his surprise but overriding satisfaction with the result representing , as it did, the depth and breadth of skill from all involved.

The performers enjoyed talking with guests before dinner was served in the Baronial Hall. Claire Hickman, Headmistress of Chetham’s took the opportunity of bringing us up to date with developments at the school, including the latest on the new school building.

We would like to thank Claire Hickman (Head), Steven Threlfall (Director of Music) the staff and of course the pupils who performed so well, for a magnificent evening.

Christopher Little, Director