Our professional partners feel confident and secure in the knowledge that their clients are looked after by professionals that they can trust.

Working with Professional Advisers

Through our existing contacts, clients and professional relationships, we have worked with a wide variety of professional advisers. These include some of the largest national legal and accountancy practices in the UK, as well as many regional firms. We recognise that each of our professional introducers will have slightly different requirements and strongly believe that it is in our clients’ best interests for their professional advisers to work closely together in order to provide the best service to our clients.


Torevell & Partners holds reserves substantially in excess of the minimum amounts required by the Financial Services Authority.

We have also maintained fully compliant professional indemnity cover since the formation of the company in 1997,

including periods when the PI market was closed to large segments of the financial services industry.

The firm also has a strong internal compliance culture which is reflected in the FSA (now the FCA) awarding Torevell & Partners an outstanding TCF review and the firm’s excellent complaints record.

Investment Process

We believe that there are a small number of fund managers capable of outperforming stock markets or their relevant benchmarks over most time periods. In our experience, very few firms invest as much time and energy into meeting and getting to know the key fund managers who are actively investing our clients’ funds. These relationships develop over a number of years and enable us to gain a more complete understanding of fund manager philosophy and objectives than can be gleaned from performance statistics alone. Our disciplined research methodology has helped our clients’ portfolios perform better than markets overall.