Advising the entrepreneur/business owner

December 9th, 2015, by Stephen Jordan

A large number of the clients that we advise are entrepreneurs and business owners.  Their companies are in various sectors, of various size and at different places in their growth cycles;  from earlier stage businesses that are beginning to make profits to established SME’s and  those that have reached their goal and sold, or passed the business down the generations.

Business owners by definition are busy people, understandably most of their time and energy is spent on one thing – driving the business forward.  As an adviser our job is to understand the individual, the business and the objectives for both – in the short, medium and long term.  To then put a flexible plan in place to work towards achieving those goals and to regularly review those plans, amending and developing where necessary.

Everyone’s objectives will be different; hence no two plans will be the same.  More often than not things change in business as time goes on so plans can alter significantly and regularly – as companies move develop and grow their planning needs also change and evolve.

Steve Jordan

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