Our Fees

Our remuneration will reflect the nature of the advice given and the complexity and scope of the portfolio management involved. We will quantify our charges in writing before any investments are made.

We are transparent in our charging and operate on the basis of Client Agreed Remuneration whether this is facilitated by the platform or product provider, or whether it is collected directly from clients out of the initial investment amount or via a separately billed fee.

There are two elements to our fees; an initial advice fee and an ongoing portfolio review charge. In most cases we would not charge for an initial meeting to discuss your specific circumstances and planning objectives. At this meeting we would also describe our range of services and payment options. Our fee structures have been designed to allow you to clearly see what you are paying us for.

The overall level of remuneration will reflect the complexity and depth of our initial advice as well as the nature of the ongoing level of service we agree with each client. We will discuss the nature of our remuneration before any work is carried out in order to identify the most appropriate system of charging for our services.

Further detail about the payment options on offer are set out as part of our Client Agreement and within our Schedule of Services and Remuneration and can be viewed here:

Torevell & Partners Client Agreement
Torevell & Partners Remuneration Schedule